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Greek Mythology Impact on Greece

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Greek Mythology Impact on GreeceGreek Mythology played a huge role in the development of Ancient Greece. Not only did it surround the basic structures of their buildings, it also surrounded the structure of their everyday lives. The way they would pray, the way they would complete everyday tasks, and the way they lived all centered around the gods and goddesses of Greek Mythology.People prayed to these gods for the same reasons we pray today: for health and safety, for prosperity, for a good harvest, for safety at sea. Mostly they prayed as communities, and through offerings and sacrifice they sought to please the inscrutable deities who they believed controlled their lives (National Geographics). The Greeks looked to Hades (God of the Underworld) whenever it came to death. The places where Hades ruled (The Unseen) was described as moldering horror where heroes and ordinary people went after they died (National Geographics). The Greeks began making afterlife kind of like a personal quest rather than a joyless fate.

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